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Bli medlem i vårt fordelsprogram Norwegian Reward. Tjen CashPoints på flyreiser og med våre partnere. Bruk dem til å gjøre din neste reise billigere CashPoints på LowFare-billetter. 10 % CashPoints på Flex-billetter. Antall CashPoints kan øke med opptil 10 % hvis du har CashPoint ONEWS står for Obstetric Norwegian Early Warning Score System og er et varslingssystem som skal fange opp en eventuell sykdomstilstand på et tidlig The Norwegian Transmission System Operator, Statnett SF, has developed a Therefore, the point-predictions from the simulation tool are assessed using Monsoon Accessorize Norway chose Front Systems when contemplating a point of sale system for its 9 Norwegian stores. The Norwegian supplier made the cut

NEK is an independent and neutral organisation promoting electrotechnical standardisation and the use of standards at the national, regional and international levels.

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NEK is recognized as the national body responsible for standardisation in the electrotechnical field. They find the association to be an effective, influential and pleasant arena for their engagement.

Many of them sit on various committees, where they represent a professional resource and point of reference for the rest of the legal profession. In other words, patients are free to choose in which EEA country they wish to receive healthcare. Norwegian citizens seeking to receive healthcare outside Norway Patients referred for investigation or treatment in Norway may receive their healthcare in another EEA country.

They must pay for the healthcare out of pocket. There were plans at the time to merge the district leagues into a national competition, but because of World War II, this process was delayed until after the war, although also the first post-war season in 1947—48 had eleven district-based groups.

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Hovedserien 1948—1962 [ edit ] In 1948, Hovedserien English: The Main League was created, consisting of the 16 top teams from the district leagues, who were placed into two groups of eight, with the group winners playing a two-legged final for the national championship at the end of the season.

This format was in place from the 1948—49 season until 1960—61, when it was decided to merge the two groups into a single top division, and have the season follow the calendar year from 1963 onwards.

Larvik Turn won Hovedserien three times in four seasons from 1955—56. The 1961—62 season was played during 15 months.

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The teams from the two groups in the 1960—61 top division were put in one group consisting of 16 teams. The 1961—62 season became a transitional season, where the 16 top-flight teams were placed in a single group, playing a season that went on for 15 months and one half of its teams were relegated. Officially still known as Hovedserien, the 1961—62 season is often referred to as Maratonserien "The Marathon League" due to its unusual length.

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Energi, teknologi og klima - utfordringer og handlingsrom Randers, Jørgen 2014 2052 - Japan: a global world leader in increasing citizen's well-being during slow GDP growth and declining population [Popular scientific article].


History[ edit ] Early years 1937—1948 [ edit ] Before 1937, there was no national league competition in Norway; only regional leagues and the Norwegian Cup. Starting in 1937—38, the various regional leagues in Southern Norway were aligned into eight districts, with a championship playoff between the winners to crown a national champion. In the early years, the top flight teams were divided into eleven groups from eight districts. The league champion was decided in either a knockout tournament or a final between the winners of these groups. Fredrikstad was the first champions of the league, winning the 1937—38 season. They won the two-legged final against Lyn 4—0 on aggregate. From the 1937—38 season and until the beginning of World War II, the teams were divided into eight district groups.

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